Swap use By mike on 28th March 2021 03:30:34 PM
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  3. # Decrease Swap Use
  4. # Swap is the space on your hard drive that is used to store the data when there is not enough RAM. It’s faster than your hard drive, so it is better to use it at maximum. By default, Ubuntu has a balance swapiness value of 60, but you can force the system to use as much RAM as possible and write to the disk only when most of the RAM is in use.  If you want to check your swapiness value, run in a terminal:
  5. cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
  7. # Next, edit the default value:
  8. gedit admin:///etc/sysctl.conf
  9. #Scroll down the file and in the end, add:
  10. vm.swappiness = 10

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