Create favo win 10 explorer By mike on 28th March 2021 03:59:06 PM
  1. https://winaero.com/how-to-re-add-favorites-to-navigation-pane-of-windows-10-explorer/
  3. ---------------
  4. You must use the command links this:
  5. mklink /d “%USERPROFILE%\Links\SomeName” “SourceFolder”
  6. And replace the SomeName with whatever you want the name of the link to be, and SourceFolder with the location the link should point to.
  8. For example to add the Desktop folder:
  9. mklink /d “%USERPROFILE%\Links\Desktop” “%USERPROFILE%\Desktop”
  10. ---------------
  12. 1) Open CMD as admin (not PowerShell)
  13. 2) create links, e.g.
  15. mklink /d "%USERPROFILE%\Links\22 VSL RestHours" "Y:\Rest Hours"

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