Quick SNAP By mike on 28th March 2021 03:29:37 PM
  1. # Alt snap store:
  3. # First thing first, make sure that your system has snap support enabled. In Ubuntu based Linux distributions, try the command below:
  4. sudo apt install snapd
  6. #To find Snap packages in the terminal, use the following command:
  7. snap find <search_text>
  9. #install the Snap package using the command below:
  10. sudo snap install <package>
  12. #You can also list all the Snap packages installed on your system:
  13. snap list
  15. #Snap also provides you a history of the changes made to your system with Snap. Use the command below:
  16. snap changes
  18. #Snap packages are automatically updated. And installed Snap packages normally checks for updates four times a day and then installs it automatically.
  19. #You can also do it manually. If you want to upgrade a Snap package to a newer version manually, use the command below:
  20. sudo snap refresh <package>
  22. #To see which Snap packages have updates ready to be installed, you can use the command below:
  23. sudo snap refresh --list
  25. #For some reason, if you did not like a recent updated Snap package, you can revert it to the previously installed version with this command:
  26. sudo snap revert <package>
  28. #you can remove a Snap package using this command:
  29. sudo snap remove <package>
  31. #Channels are:
  32. #    stable: The latest stable release of an application
  33. #    candidate: The release candidate (RC) of an application that is reaching the stable version
  34. #    beta: Unstable version that has reached a certain milestone
  35. #    edge: Daily/nightly build of an application under development
  36. # Needless to say that you should stay on the Stable channel but if you really want to change to another channel, you can use Snap command in the following fashion:
  37. sudo snap refresh <package> --channel=<channel_name>

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