QGIS Overwrite CSV - BG script By mike on 28th March 2021 03:44:13 PM
  1. #Read last line from large log files by bits and
  2. #savie it to a single line CSV to be monitored in QGIS
  3. #SeaIT - rev 190224b
  5. # required
  6. import os
  7. import time
  9. #The file to read from - use a small one to test in case it shits itself
  10. #readfile = "Z:/10030530 Borssele III&IV_SBP/21 NHP/21 Survey Online/01 [100XXXXX - Online Project]/LogFiles/Output to QGIS - Logfile 24Feb19.txt"
  11. readfile = "Z:/10030530 Borssele III&IV_SBP/21 NHP/21 Survey Online/Raw QGIS Input/QGIS Qinsy input.txt"
  13. #Your CSV to write to - will be created if non existing
  14. writefile = "Z:/10030530 Borssele III&IV_SBP/21 NHP/29 Reporting/20 Ops QGIS/Ops QGIS Layers/07 SBP Phase/QGIS QINSy input - stripped.csv"
  16. #Do the magic
  17. while True:
  18.   with open(readfile, 'rb') as fr:
  19., os.SEEK_END)
  20.     while != b'\n':
  21., os.SEEK_CUR)
  22.     with open(writefile, 'w+') as fw:
  23.       fw.writelines(fr.readline().decode())
  24. #Print output in console
  25.           with open(writefile, 'r') as fw:     
  26.       first_line = fw.readline()
  27.       print(first_line)
  28.   time.sleep(30)

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